Saturday, August 1, 2009

Body Shape

The Inverted Triangle- shoulders that are wider than the hips. It is most complimented by simple fuss-free lines on the top and straight skirts or pants with interesting details or prints.

The Rectangular- long and lean with a boyish shape that has the same measurement for the shoulders and the hips with a waist measurement that is close to them. This figure type tends to look best in structured tops and jackets that help create or enhance your waistline.

The Pear- larger at the hips than at the shoulders with a thick waist. Any details at the shoulders that help to extend the shoulder is good.

The Hourglass- shoulders and hips the same size but has a much smaller waist - usually at least 10 inches smaller. Accentuating the waist is the key to giving the Hourglass it's shape. Soft, gently gathered fabrics are less likely to add the look of pounds.

The Apple- round figure with very little difference between the shoulders, waist, or hips. This figure type looks best in loose, unstructured designs. Avoid anything that brings attention to the waist. 

I have never seen a chart like this before. When used with your BMI (Body Mass Index) it helps to make up the difference between mass and fitness.


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